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Drunk In Public

So, my first time getting arrested...ever. They took my cell phone, cigarettes, even my shoes, this floor is cold with socked feet. This kinda of sucks, but man it was a fun night. I called Daphne up, she wasn't to happy, told me I deserved to spend the night in jail. We'll see if she comes to get me in the morning or not. I didn't realize Ash would get so sick though...next time...maybe just a movie and pizza. They wouldn't let me smoke in jail either, which sucked.

You three know it's illegal to be drunk in public, I think there's a nice room at the station for you to spend the night to sober up. ((Ash, Dean, Angelica, Jeremy))Collapse )

OOC Post: Playlists

I didn't want to do it on different LJ's so I decided to put playlists up for 5 of my characters on one lj. I have all the songs on my computer so if you want any of them page me as Mad_Hatter and I can send them to you via AIM or something.

Kenta's PlaylistCollapse )

Kaden's PlaylistCollapse )

Ni's PlaylistCollapse )

Aya's PlaylistCollapse )

Christopher's PlaylistCollapse )